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Mitigation and Reconstruction Service

​Mold Remediation

​​Mold cleanup or mold removal is another service that Disaster Recovery Team performs. In many cases, mold can be completely harmless. In other cases, excessive amounts, however, can be a mandatory step in attaining a safe and comfortable environment. Mold spores are everywhere; in the air, on surfaces, sometimes hidden and/or inaccessible. When mold meets warmth and humidity, it can flourish. Pipe leaks, leaky roofs, and windows can set the stage for mold growth. Certain types of mold in excessive amounts can flag an immediate need for mold removal and specific mold remediation procedures. Much of this mold cleanup and mold removal is covered by insurance policies. 

The three basic steps in a typical mold remediation are:

- Containment 
- Reduction or elimination of moisture sources 
- Removal of visible mold and of all contaminated materials

During the entire mold cleanup process, air handling techniques are employed to help prevent the spread or cross-contamination to other parts of the building. Mold remediation technicians must wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) to insure their own safety. These special skills and requirements are critical to a successful outcome. Your local Disaster Recovery Team office is capable of providing this service.